Virgo and Pisces Compatibility Percentage in Love, Sex & Values

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility Percentage: Love, Marriage and Sex


When Virgo, an earth sign symbolizing practicality and meticulousness, collides with Pisces, a water sign representing emotion, intuition, and creativity, an intriguing blend of opposites is formed. As the adage goes, “opposites attract,” the relationship between Virgo and Pisces exemplifies this assertion. Being opposite signs in the Zodiac, they naturally form a unique, magnetic bond that is resilient yet complex.

Love Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces exhibit profound love compatibility because they complement each other in unique ways. The analytical, practical Virgo provides a grounding, while the emotionally intuitive Pisces adds depth and imagination. Pisces aids Virgo in exploring profound emotional depths that they usually shy away from. For Pisces, Virgo’s consistency may serve as an anchor in stormy emotional seas. This magnetic attraction between them is estimated to be around 70%, suggesting a strong affinity and potential for a deep, meaningful relationship.

Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Virgo – Pisces Compatibility

  • Complementary Strengths: Virgo, an earth sign is practical and detail-oriented, whereas Pisces, a water sign is intuitive and creative. This difference can allow them to complement and learn from one another.
  • Strong Communication: Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, is linked to communication, which can help them build a strong bond with emotionally expressive Pisces.
  • Emotional Depth: Pisces can help Virgo connect deeper with their emotions, adding richness and depth to their relationship.
  • Intellectual Connection: Both Virgo and Pisces value intelligence and can often engage in meaningful conversations, which can strengthen their bond.

Disadvantages of Virgo – Pisces Compatibility

  • Different Approaches to Life: Virgo is more pragmatic, dealing with life in a methodical way, while Pisces is more emotional and dreamy. This can lead to potential disagreements and misunderstandings.
  • Emotional Conflicts: Virgo’s analytical nature may clash with Pisces’ sensitivity. Virgo may find Pisces too emotional, while Pisces may see Virgo as unsympathetic.
  • Inconsistent Energy Levels: Pisces, a mutable sign, can have fluctuating energy levels, which may conflict with Virgo’s need for a steady and predictable partner.
  • Reality vs Dream: Virgos are realists while Pisces are dreamers. This fundamental difference could potentially create a gap, where Virgo may find Pisces unrealistic, and Pisces may find Virgo too critical or harsh.

Communication and Intelligence

Communication between these two signs can be seamless and highly intellectual, bringing their compatibility score in this area to a significant 85%. Virgo’s analytical nature can help Pisces manifest their dreams in reality, while Pisce’s vast emotional intelligence can help Virgo get in touch with their emotional side, something they often struggle with.

Emotions and Sex

In the realm of emotions, this pair works beautifully together, scoring a high 95% compatibility. Pisces helps awaken Virgo’s emotional depth, while Virgo offers Pisces steadiness. In the sphere of physical intimacy, their contrasting attributes fuse to create an intense, satisfying sexual connection, with their compatibility in this area reaching a stunning 90%.


Both signs value flexibility and, importantly, service to others. However, Virgo’s preference for order contrasts with Pisces’ comfort in uncertainty, causing some tension. However, the unique values each partner brings provide a learning opportunity for the other, with compatibility in this sector attributed to a respectable value of 75%.

Common Activities

Virgo and Pisces can enjoy various activities together. They may find pleasure in artistic endeavors, such as visiting museums, attending concerts, or indulging in creative hobbies. Outdoor activities like nature walks and picnics can also provide an opportunity for them to connect. Finding shared interests and hobbies can strengthen their bond and create beautiful memories.

Virgo and Pisces Common Activities Compatibility

Bottom Line

Overall, Virgo and Pisces’ compatibility percentage teeters around 86%, proving a high potential for an understanding, balanced, and stimulating relationship. Despite the challenges posed by significant differences between the two signs, the potential for growth, mutual respect, understanding, and fulfillment is immense. Given their ability to complement and learn from each other, Virgo and Pisces could indeed discover an enchanting love story within their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the opposite nature of Virgo and Pisces influence their relationship?

As opposites on the Zodiac wheel, Virgo and Pisces often attract each other due to their differences. Virgo is practical and pays attention to detail, providing stability and direction, while Pisces is dreamy and emotional, introducing creativity and intuition. In a relationship, these contrasting characteristics can create a balanced and fulfilling dynamic, where each partner complements the other.

What challenges can Virgo and Pisces relationships face?

Despite their strong compatibility, Virgo and Pisce’s relationships may face challenges due to their different perspectives. Virgo’s analytical and pragmatic nature can sometimes be too rigid for the emotionally fluid Pisces. On the other hand, Pisces’ inclination towards dreaming and spontaneity can be confusing and unreliable to Virgo. Overcoming these challenges requires understanding, communication, and compromise from both sides.

How can Virgo and Pisces improve their communication?

Virgo and Pisces can improve their communication by practicing openness and patience. Virgo should strive to express their thoughts gently, taking into account Pisces’s sensitive nature. Pisces should try to communicate their dreams and emotions in a practical way that Virgo can understand. Using “I” statements rather than “you” statements to express feelings can be beneficial, as it prevents the conversation from becoming confrontational.

How does the element of each sign influence the compatibility of Virgo and Pisces?

Being an Earth sign, Virgo seeks stability and order, while Pisces, as a Water sign, is more about flow and emotion. Earth can provide the structure that Water needs to create streams and rivers, much like Virgo provides structure and direction to Pisces’ dreams. Conversely, Water can nourish the Earth and aid growth, just as Pisces can help nurture Virgo’s practical plans with creativity and intuition.


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