Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage 2024 in Love, Sex & Values

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage: Love, Marriage and Sex


When two Scorpios come together, an immediate seismic power of energy is generated. Both ruled by the Planet Pluto, Scorpios are known to imbue depth, passion, and intensity in relationships. There exists a sense of familiarity and understanding as both have experienced the depths of emotional extremities. The Scorpio-Scorpio compatibility is an intriguing subject, as they can make either the best pair or the worst enemies.

Love Compatibility

The compatibility percentage in terms of love between two Scorpio individuals stands at around 55%. The primary reason is their immense passion and their tendency to go to extreme levels of love. In a relationship, both Scorpios can connect on a profound emotional level. Interestingly, their secretive nature draws them towards each other. But this intense love can also lead to powerful conflicts, primarily due to the same secretive and suspicious nature. Possessiveness and trust are critical matters to handle in their relationship. Their deep and passionate bond, combined with a yearning for emotional closeness, can lead to a magnetic love connection.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Deep Understanding: Being the same sign, both individuals inherently understand each other’s needs, desires, and personality traits. This allows for a deep empathetic connection.
  • Intense Passion and Emotional Depth: Scorpio is known for its intense emotional depth. A Scorpio-Scorpio relationship is likely to be intensely passionate and emotional, which can create a strong bond.
  • Shared Interests: Scorpios typically have an interest in the mysteries of life and the human psyche. This can lead to lively and deep discussions.


  • Intensity of Emotions: Scorpios are known for their intense emotions. When two Scorpios are together, this can result in extreme highs and lows, which could lead to volatility in the relationship.
  • Possessiveness and Jealousy: Scorpios can be fiercely possessive and jealous, and having two such individuals in a relationship can lead to conflicts.
  • Stubbornness: Scorpios are known for their determined and stubborn nature. This can be a problem when disagreements or conflicts arise, as neither party is likely to back down easily.

Communication and Intelligence

The Scorpio-Scorpio pair scores about a 70% on the communication compatibility scale. The power of telepathy often works between them. They don’t need to utter words to understand each other’s thoughts, which fosters deeper bonds. Scorpio partners tend to be very intelligent, with a profound understanding of how life works, making conversations intriguing.

Emotions and Sex

When two Scorpios come together, it is bound to result in an emotional outburst. They usually resort to emotional manipulation to get their way. However, a mutual understanding of emotions can develop over time. Their emotional connection can deepen their physical intimacy, making their sexual encounters intense and fulfilling. Their sexual compatibility stands at about a promising 65%.


Scorpios value honesty, loyalty, and commitment. They have a possessive love, which comes from a fear of losing the one they love. These shared values amplify their connection and deepen their bonds. They respect and protect each other, often defending their relationship against external threats.

Common Activities

  • In-depth Personal Conversations: Scorpios thrive on deep, emotional connections. Having lengthy, in-depth conversations about personal experiences and emotions could be a common activity.
  • Exploration of Mysteries or ‘Taboo’ Subjects: As mentioned, Scorpios have innate curiosity for the mysteries of life and anything seen as ‘taboo.’ Activities involving research or explorations into these mysteries could appeal to this couple.
  • Physical Activities: Scorpios are typically very active and might enjoy engaging in intense physical activities together, such as exercising, hiking, or competitive sports.
Scorpio and Scorpio Common Activities Compatibility

Bottom Line

Summing up, the compatibility percentage of Scorpio and Scorpio ranges from 55% – 75%, varying in different aspects of their relationship. The peaks and troughs in their relationship are extreme, like their character. At their best, they can be a power couple with a deep emotional, sexual, and intellectual understanding that can withstand the toughest of challenges.

At their worst, jealousy, domination, and secrecy can poison their bond. Open communication, mutual trust, respect, and compromise can pave the path towards a satisfying relationship. The Scorpio-Scorpio relationship is indeed a dynamic terrain that carries the potential for the most excellent harmony or the severest discord, making it one of the most exciting signs to pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scorpio and Scorpio couples passionate in their relationship?

Yes, Scorpio is a sign known for its intense passion. When two Scorpios are in a relationship, this passion can amplify, leading to a profoundly emotional and physically intimate connection.

How do two Scorpio partners communicate with each other?

Scorpios have a deep and intuitive understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings. They often communicate through subtle hints and unspoken understandings. However, they may also need to invest in more open communication to prevent misunderstandings.

Is there a risk of power struggles in a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship?

Scorpios are naturally dominant and can be quite assertive. When two Scorpios are together, there can indeed be power struggles. But with mutual respect and compromise, they can navigate this challenge.

Do Scorpios share common values in a relationship?

Yes, Scorpios highly value loyalty, honesty, and commitment. They also have a powerful protective instinct towards their loved ones. All these shared values can help deepen the bond in a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship.

What are common activities that Scorpio partners enjoy?

Scorpio partners enjoy engaging in challenging and adventurous activities. They enjoy thrilling experiences and activities that stir their curiosity and challenge their mental and physical strength.


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