Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility Percentage in Love, Sex & Values

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility Percentage: Love, Marriage and Sex


Astrology fascinates many as it offers a sublime perspective on understanding people’s character traits, friendships, love interests, and overall compatibility. This article delves deep into the compatibility of two starkly different zodiac signs: the emotionally sensitive Cancer and the practically-inclined Capricorn. While these signs appear to be poles apart, their union often results in strong, harmonious relationships.

Astrologically, Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, symbolizing emotion, compassion, and intuition. On the other hand, Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, represents discipline, realism, and ambition. This contrast forms an intriguing balance that can be reflected in their compatibility percentages. Will these counterparts balance each other out, or will they repel? Let’s discover.

Love Compatibility

Love and romance between Capricorn and Cancer offer a compelling narrative. As opposite signs of the zodiac wheel, they form an intense and emotionally profound connection. Cancer’s nurturing qualities and depth of emotions cater to Capricorn’s need for security and appreciation. Simultaneously, Capricorn’s practical approach and reliability provide a haven for Cancer’s soft and sensitive personality.

In percentage terms, their love compatibility sits around a high 70-80%. Cancer can teach Capricorn to appreciate the beauty of emotions, while Capricorn can inspire Cancer to convert dreams into reality with realistic planning.

Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and the Cancer-Capricorn union is no exception. The shared values and mutual respect give them a strong foundation, reflecting positively on their compatibility, which could be gauged around 85% based on their advantages. Both signs understand the importance of commitment, adding depth to their bond. Capricorn’s ambitious nature resonates with Cancer’s dedication for a loving family environment.

However, in terms of the disadvantages, one might tag this relationship compatibility at a lower 60%. Differences arise from Capricorn’s relative emotional reserve, sometimes clashing with Cancer’s heightened sensitivity. Also, while Capricorn is career-driven and highly ambitious, Cancer prioritizes emotional security over materialistic pursuits, leading to misunderstandings.

Communication and Intelligence

Communication is paramount in every relationship. With Cancer and Capricorn, the communication compatibility hovers around 70-75%. Capricorn’s direct and practical communication style complements Cancer’s intuitive understanding, forming a profound intellectual bond. Although they might encounter difficulties due to their different communication styles, with Capricorn being comparatively detached and Cancer overly sensitive, they are intelligent enough to develop ways around these hurdles.

Emotions and Sex

In the context of emotions and sex, Capricorn and Cancer find a coordinator providing a balance. Cancer’s rich emotional palette provides warmth and tenderness, complementing Capricorn’s stable and sensible approach. However, it’s also where some conflicts can arise due to Capricorn’s guarded emotions. That said, their emotional and sexual compatibility registers an impressive 80-85%. Both take their time in love and prefer deep, meaningful connections over superficial flings.


In values, Cancers value family and home, while Capricorns value their career and work ethics. Despite their differences, they meet in the middle due to their shared appreciation for loyalty and security, marking 80-85% compatibility. If they can align their values without making the other feel inferior, their relationship becomes a major force to be reckoned with.

Common Activities

When it comes to common activities, Capricorn and Cancer may initially face some difficulty due to their different interests. However, with time and effort, they learn to appreciate each other’s passions and hobbies. Hence, their compatibility in this domain can be seen as around 65-70%. With mutual affirmation, they can take part in each other’s activities with enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Capricorn and Cancer Common Activities Compatibility

Bottom Line

After exploring the different facets of Capricorn and Cancer compatibility, it’s clear that this pair offers an interesting dynamic. Despite elemental differences, they build strong, loving relationships founded on mutual trust, respect, and shared values. On average, the overall compatibility percentage of Capricorn and Cancer ranges between 75-80%, marking it as a strong and viable union. Like any other relationship, understanding and effort are required from both sides, but once that’s achieved, this partnership is one of the strongest within the zodiac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Capricorn and Cancer form a long-lasting relationship?

Yes, a Capricorn and Cancer relationship can last long due to their mutual values of loyalty, stability, and the need for emotional security. Despite their differences, once they find balance, their relationship can be enduring and fulfilling.

How can a Capricorn understand a Cancer’s heightened emotions?

Capricorns, known for their practicality, can take a dedicated and understanding approach to comprehend Cancer’s emotional depth. They can leverage their patient and steady nature to provide a comforting and stable environment for their Cancer partners.

Are there potential roadblocks in a Capricorn-Cancer relationship?

While their relationship can be harmonious, Capricorn and Cancer might face challenges due to their inherent differences. Capricorn’s ambitious, career-driven nature might seem at odds with Cancer’s focus on emotional wellbeing. However, with mutual understanding and compromise, these obstacles can be overcome.

Can Capricorn and Cancer find common ground in their respective interests?

Initially, Capricorn and Cancer may seem to have divergent interests, with the former being more pragmatic and the latter more nurturing. However, as their relationship evolves, they can learn to appreciate each other’s hobbies and passions, thus finding common ground in their activities.

How does the opposing nature of Capricorn and Cancer influence their compatibility?

As opposites on the zodiac wheel, Capricorn and Cancer indeed have distinct personalities. However, this can often result in a complementary relationship. Cancer, with its emotional richness, can guide Capricorn to be more expressive, while Capricorn’s practical approach can introduce a sense of realism in Cancer’s life.

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