Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage in Love, Sex & Values

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage: Love, Marriage and Sex


Cancer and Scorpio, both Water signs, hold a unique synergy in the realm of astrology. Ruled by the Moon and Mars respectively, their partnership carries a deeply emotional and passionate undercurrent. Yet, with any astrological pairing, the secret to harmony rests in understanding each other’s strengths and challenges. This detailed report serves to explore the various facets of Cancer and Scorpio compatibility, including its perks, pitfalls, and unmissable markers.

Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

When Cancer and Scorpio form a romantic alliance, they create a powerful emotional, often finding common ground in their shared traditional values and appreciation for beauty. Both these signs relish in homemaking, with Cancer offering nurturing comfort and Scorpio adding a mystic intensity to their shared world. Their consolidated domestic bliss is often the envy of others, with the couple creating a warm and inviting refuge from the outside world. They have an average love compatibility percentage of around 85%, suggesting a robust and strong romantic dynamic.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Emotional Intimacy: Both Cancer and Scorpio are highly emotional and intuitive signs, which means they understand and connect with each other on a deep emotional level. This emotional intimacy fosters trust and strengthens their bond.
  • Loyalty and Commitment: These two signs are known for their unwavering loyalty and commitment to their relationships. They stand by each other through thick and thin, making this a strong and enduring partnership.
  • Passionate Connection: The emotional intensity in this pairing also translates into a passionate physical connection. Their sexual chemistry is often powerful and can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.
  • Shared Values: Cancer and Scorpio both place a high value on trust, family, and creating a loving, secure home environment. They often share similar long-term goals and can work together to achieve them.


  • Over-Sensitivity: Because both signs are highly sensitive and emotional, there is a potential for mood swings and emotional turbulence in the relationship. They must learn to navigate each other’s feelings with care to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Possessiveness and Jealousy: Cancer and Scorpio can be possessive and jealous, which can lead to trust issues if not managed properly. They need to find a balance between giving each other space and maintaining their deep emotional connection.
  • Stubbornness: Both signs have a strong will and can be stubborn. When their opinions clash, it can lead to conflicts and disagreements. Effective communication and compromise are essential to overcome this challenge.

Communication and Intelligence

Cancer and Scorpio tend to understand each other intuitively, often communicating non-verbally and finishing each other’s sentences. This depth of connection allows an easy flow of conversation. However, when emotions become the main subject, they might grapple expression. They share a mutual intelligence, manifested through their careful balancing of emotional and practical concerns.

Emotions and Sex

The emotional intensity in this pairing is a driving force behind their sexual compatibility. Cancer’s tenderness and Scorpio’s passion create a unique sexual dynamic. They are not afraid to explore their desires, making their sex life incredibly fulfilling. Trust and emotional connection are essential for both, making sex an intimate expression of their love.


Cancer and Scorpio share core values related to love, loyalty, and family. They prioritize their relationships and create a safe and nurturing home environment. They are both protective of their loved ones and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their well-being. These shared values strengthen their bond.

Common Activities

  • Home and Family Life: Cancer and Scorpio are both strongly oriented towards creating a nurturing and secure home environment. They find joy in activities related to home improvement, interior decorating, and gardening. Renovating their living space or tending to a garden can be a shared project that strengthens their bond.
  • Quiet Evenings In: Both Cancer and Scorpio appreciate the comfort of their own home. They often enjoy spending quiet evenings together, whether it’s cooking a special dinner, watching a movie, or just cuddling on the couch. These intimate moments help them feel emotionally connected.
  • Outdoor Adventures: While Cancer and Scorpio often enjoy staying in, they can also appreciate outdoor activities, especially those related to water. Going for a walk by the beach, taking a boat trip, or simply spending time near a lake or river can be a refreshing change of pace for them.
  • Traveling Together: Travel can be a way for Cancer and Scorpio to explore new horizons and deepen their connection. They may enjoy visiting places with historical significance or natural beauty, as it aligns with their love for culture and the mysteries of the world.
Cancer and Scorpio Common Activities Compatibility

Bottom Line

The compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio is undeniably strong. While it’s challenging to quantify love and connection with a specific percentage, many astrologers would rate this pairing very high, often in the range of 85% to 95%. This percentage suggests that the love and understanding between Cancer and Scorpio are exceptional, making them a formidable team with the potential for a long-lasting, passionate, and deeply fulfilling relationship.

In conclusion, the connection between Cancer and Scorpio is a beautiful blend of emotional depth, shared values, and passionate love. While challenges do exist, these two water signs are well-equipped to navigate them. Their compatibility percentage is a testament to the cosmic connection they share, which can lead to a profoundly fulfilling and lasting love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any famous couples who are Cancer and Scorpio?

Yes, there are several well-known celebrity couples with this astrological pairing. For example, Nicole Kidman (Scorpio) and Keith Urban (Cancer) have a Cancer-Scorpio love connection.

Can a Cancer-Scorpio relationship survive long-distance challenges?

Yes, it can, but it might be challenging due to their need for emotional intimacy. Regular communication and visits can help maintain the connection.

Are there specific compatibility challenges for Cancer and Scorpio same-sex couples?

While the basic characteristics of Cancer and Scorpio compatibility apply, the dynamic might differ due to gender dynamics. Understanding each partner’s needs and roles is essential.

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