Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Percentage in Love, Sex & Values

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Percentage: Love, Marriage and Sex


Cancer and Capricorn are seemingly opposite signs of the astrological spectrum, but their compatibility creates an intriguing blend of harmony and complementary dynamics. Cancer, the compassionate Water sign represented by the Crab, and Capricorn, the ambitious Earth sign symbolized by the Sea Goat, create a dynamic interplay, forming a unique bond that goes beyond superficial interactions. Their compatibility percentage, a complex calculation based on various aspects of their relationship, provides useful insights into how well these two signs mesh together.

Cancer and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

According to an understanding of astrological signs, the love compatibility percentage of Cancer and Capricorn is impressive at 74%. Their relationships are profound and layered. Cancer, with its emotional depth, nurtures and provides a comforting presence, while Capricorn, with its stabilizing nature, brings a grounded perspective. These complementary qualities result in a meaningful, fulfilling relationship where the two signs can support and understand each other despite their differences.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Complementary Qualities: Cancer and Capricorn have complementary traits. Cancer brings emotional depth and nurturing qualities to the relationship, while Capricorn provides stability, ambition, and practicality. They can learn from each other and fill in the gaps where the other might be lacking.
  • Emotional Connection: Cancer’s sensitivity and Capricorn’s steady nature can result in a deep emotional bond. They often understand and support each other’s emotional needs, leading to a strong and enduring connection.
  • Shared Values: Both signs highly value tradition, family, and commitment. They are likely to share common life goals and priorities, making it easier to build a stable and lasting relationship.
  • Commitment-Oriented: Cancer and Capricorn are not the type to engage in casual relationships. They both seek commitment and long-term partnerships, which can lead to a stable and secure relationship.
  • Family-Centered: Both signs are family-oriented, and they often find joy in spending time with their loved ones. This shared interest can lead to a harmonious family life and strong bonds with children.


  • Emotional Differences: Cancer is highly emotional and sensitive, while Capricorn tends to be more reserved and pragmatic. This emotional contrast can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations if not properly addressed.
  • Communication Challenges: Cancer communicates with empathy and intuition, whereas Capricorn leans towards practical and goal-oriented communication. These differences in communication styles can lead to misinterpretations and conflicts.
  • Moodiness vs. Emotional Restraint: Cancer’s moodiness can be a source of frustration for Capricorn, who prefers emotional stability. In contrast, Capricorn’s emotional restraint may leave Cancer feeling unheard or unappreciated.
  • Struggle for Control: Both signs can be strong-willed and at times, may struggle for control in the relationship. This power struggle can lead to tensions and power plays if not managed with care.
  • Risk of Routine: Cancer and Capricorn’s shared love for tradition and routine can lead to a somewhat predictable relationship. While stability is important, they should also be mindful of not falling into a monotonous pattern and ensure they keep the spark alive.

Communication and Intelligence

Although these signs have different communication styles, they can effectively harmonize their interactions. Both the signs communicate best when their emotional and practical sides are acknowledged, respectively. Regarding intelligence, Cancer’s emotional acumen enhances Capricorn’s pragmatic logic, ensuring that all intellectual and emotional bases of their relationship are covered. They score high on both emotional intelligence and practical problem-solving prowess.

Emotions and Sex

The compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn in the emotional and sexual realms stands at 74%. Cancer’s caring attributes create an emotional sanctuary, making intimate moments special. Capricorn’s sensuality, on the other hand, introduces a dimension that balances this emotional depth, resulting in a satisfying mutual experience. They can provide fulfilling experiences by attending to each other’s desires, fostering a deeper bond.


Both Cancer and Capricorn have an intense understanding of life’s core values, adding to the strength of their relationship. Their shared emphasis on loyalty, trust, ambition, and emotional well-being results in a powerful relationship. In terms of their shared values, Capricorn’s practicality synergizes perfectly with Cancer’s focus on emotional security, forming an unbreakable bond of mutual respect.

Common Activities

A significant aspect contributing to their compatibility involves their shared interests. Capricorns flourish when they work towards achieving their ambitious goals, a drive that Cancers can empathize with and support. Similarly, Capricorns appreciate Cancers’ inclination towards a comfortable, nurturing home life. The alignment of such interests promotes mutual growth and shared satisfaction in their relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn Common Activities Compatibility

Bottom Line

Summarizing the varied aspects of their relationship, the compatibility between the Water sign Cancer and the Earth sign Capricorn is exceptional in many respects. Their love compatibility percentage stands strong at 74%, their emotional and sexual alignment at the same number, and their friendship blossoms with an impressive 89% compatibility score.

While they might have differing personalities and communication styles, these differences can also provide balance, fostering growth and mutual understanding. Despite occasional challenges, their shared values, emotional understanding, and aligned interests make this partnership incredibly promising. Together, Cancer and Capricorn can build a deep, meaningful relationship, defying the odds to create an exceedingly compatible coupling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Cancer and Capricorn handle financial matters together?

Both Cancer and Capricorn are often financially responsible and value stability. They have the capability to collaborate and establish a robust financial strategy. Capricorn’s practicality and Cancer’s nurturing instincts can lead to successful financial management, but they must be mindful of addressing any potential conflicts in spending habits or financial goals.

What role do shared goals and ambitions play in the Cancer and Capricorn relationship?

Shared goals and ambitions can be a significant factor in this relationship. Capricorn’s ambition and Cancer’s emotional support can help them achieve their dreams. When they align their goals and work as a team, they are likely to be more successful in both their personal and shared pursuits.

How can Cancer and Capricorn manage their differing approaches to conflict resolution?

Cancer tends to address conflicts emotionally, while Capricorn leans towards a more logical and practical approach. To navigate this difference effectively, it’s essential for both partners to communicate openly and honestly. They can learn from each other’s approaches and find a middle ground where emotions are considered, but problems are also addressed rationally.

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