Embarking on the Archetypal Journey: Briana Saussy

Briana Saussy

Stories that manifest the Monomyth feature characters whose functions pertain to furthering the hero’s quest; such as Magician, Mentor, Threshold Guardian, and Jester.

Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler identified archetypal figures to illustrate that they appear in all major quests. Additionally, knowing these archetypes helps us organize and interpret our own experiences more fully.

Meet Briana Saussy: Guide to the Archetypal Realm

Briana Saussy (known by her friends and clients as Bri) strives to foster healing and wholeness within soulful seekers worldwide through Tarot readings, Sacred Arts Academy classes, and private consultations. Her work draws upon ancient religious traditions as well as contemporary psychological methodologies as well and often neglected bodies of wisdom such as folk magic divination storytelling practices.

She helps people reconnect with the wild and creative force of magic that lies within themselves and in nature, waiting to be remembered and utilized. She offers simple yet profound practices to bring new depth and power into everyday moments, decisions, actions, and choices we make.

Making Magic Weaving Together the Everyday and Extraordinary and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology is available from booksellers around the world, while she lives in Los Angeles where she leads workshops, reads tarot cards, and conducts healing ceremonies under the name Oracle.

Meet Briana Saussy

Unveiling the Power of Archetypes: An Introduction

Archetypal meanings are vital components of effective storytelling and brand resonance. Their universally understood interpretations tap into deep psychic imprints associated with long-standing human emotions and instincts – an approach essential to connecting and engaging with modern audiences.

Story archetypes provide guidelines that shape the plot and character arcs in stories. Although using archetypes may appear restrictive, their existence in literature and mythology over time makes their use an exhilarating way to approach storytelling.

One of the most familiar narratives is The Hero’s Journey, in which an underprivileged protagonist sets off on an extraordinary quest and overcomes obstacles through courage, determination, and resilience. This type of tale speaks directly to our need for hope and self-worth – something which readers find especially compelling.

Archetypes like Warrior’s fierce bravery, Healer’s compassionate care, and Crone’s profound wisdom provide another avenue for storytelling. All twelve primary archetypes capture unique human experiences and traits–offering an opportunity for brands to form meaningful relationships with consumers.

Briana Saussy’s Approach to Archetypal Exploration

Briana Saussy’s background as an educator, spiritual counselor, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy training program makes her uniquely qualified as a teacher of world religions and Western psychological practices alike. Her blend of practical creativity with rich cultural storytelling draws people in from diverse cultures across all boundaries – as evidenced by books like Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary and Star Child: Joyful Parenting through Astrology which showcase her range.

Briana is an adept practitioner of Jungian theory and sees archetypes as gateways into otherworldly dimensions, known as liminal spaces–the gray area between this life and the next that contains dreams, nightmares, death, and birth; these spaces can be reached via mind, body, and psyche with clear awareness – this mindfulness allows us to navigate liminal spaces more comfortably while making use of its benefits.

Journeying through Archetypal Wisdom: Key Concepts

Character archetypes may be universal, yet their interpretation and manifestation vary considerably between individuals. How an archetype reveals its lessons, areas of growth, or deeper intuition depends entirely on how that individual engages with it.

Jung wasn’t the first to recognize that stories, fairy tales, and myths all share a common structural pattern; however, his monomyth theory popularized character archetypes within popular culture.

Archetypes in stories serve as guides that assist writers in crafting characters with depth and dimension that will resonate with readers.

Furthermore, understanding functional images associated with archetypes enables writers to employ misdirection in support of their complex hero characters.

Each week you’ll explore a different archetype by way of 10-20-minute video explanations and personalized suggestions, meditations to release any negative shadow frequencies associated with that archetype, healing it and mastering it, while simultaneously opening yourself up to its positive expressions allowing greater healing, success, and transformation in your life.

Integration and Transformation

Briana Saussy is a vibrant spiritual counselor and ritualist devoted to the restoration and memory of sacred arts from around the globe. With a vast knowledge base in world religions, folk magic, divination, storytelling philosophy mathematics ancient Greek and Sanskrit she also teaches tarot ceremony alchemy at Sacred Arts Academy well as writing Making Magic her latest book with Sounds True weaves these elements together beautifully.

Briana offers her four insights into magic before diving deep into Nana’s Baptist knees prayer to uncover a whole new magical understanding of prayer.

To successfully transform through integration, requires having the right people in place: those with vision, industry knowledge, and an eye for trends that offer opportunities for competitive advantage. CEOs and their teams must change their philosophies regarding integration from being solely an operational imperative to viewing it as a platform for transformation.

Practical Applications: Archetypes for Growth

As a business owner, coach, or educator, understanding archetypes is an invaluable way to improve client and student interactions as well as your psyche. As more is revealed about the forces forming our collective unconscious through archetypal forces like these, more ways there will be for you to use these forces for good!

The Integrator Archetype represents a values system that views life as an intricate living system and seeks out what’s necessary, natural, and near to it to ensure its health. Not surprisingly, this archetype can be found within environmentalist movement members who adhere to eco-sustainable principles.

The Egalitarian Archetype is another value system that promotes community harmony and equality. This philosophy inspired Nobel Prize-winning economist ElinorOstrom’s work in preventing resource degradation through advocating the principles of the Commons, and this system-level thinking can also be applied to water conflict situations using system archetypes as analytical frameworks – shifting focus away from simple correlations to generalized knowledge of causes, consequences, and anticipated dynamic behavior.

Client Experiences: Embracing the Archetypal Journey

The hero’s journey is an effective approach to trauma recovery as it encompasses multiple elements – mythic (confronting monsters in one’s unconscious), spiritual (trusting something bigger than ourselves), emotional (knowing and loving oneself), and practical (living sensibly yet realistically beyond trauma). All aspects of Campbell’s monomyth can be seen within the trauma recovery landscape.

Archetypal Journeys offers a powerful framework for any important quest, drawing upon common symbols and aspects of the human psyche such as trickster, mother, and child archetypes to foster more empathic and meaningful connections between trauma healers and their clients.

On any hero’s journey, there will inevitably be tests and challenges, allies and enemies, and complications along the way to their goal. Books set in an apocalyptic setting are common; similarly, movies like War of the Worlds and The Maze Runner present similar narratives.

Bottom line

Every person born on Earth comes into this world under an image depicting celestial relationships at their moment of conception – this image, known as their natal chart, serves as a powerful means for understanding their strengths, struggles, hopes, and dreams.

Briana Saussy is an educator, spiritual advisor, and ritualist dedicated to the restoration and remembering of sacred arts from various traditions. Her expertise extends across world religions, folk magic, divination practices, Western traditional philosophy and psychology as well as Eastern and Western classics including mathematics science ancient Greek and Sanskrit. Briana’s publications include Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and Extraordinary as well as her newer book Star Child: Joyful Parenting through Astrology.

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