Which tarot cards predict a breakup?


Tarot can be a powerful tool in navigating the tumultuous waters of breakups. This ancient form of divination provides insight into past, present, and possible future situations, helping us understand the underlying patterns and themes of our lives. When dealing with breakups, Tarot readings can guide you through the emotional landscape, revealing potential obstacles, offering advice, and often providing a sense of much-needed closure. In this article, we will explore how Tarot reading can provide guidance during a breakup with a significant other.

Tarot Reading Steps for Breakups

Tarot Reading Steps for Breakups

  1. Establish Your Goal: Start the tarot reading by pinpointing what you hope to extract from it. This could be clarity, advice or a sense of closure. Ensure your goal is explicit and focused.
  2. Mix the Tarot Cards: During the card shuffling process, concentrate on your query or situation. As you do this, you channel your energy into the cards, facilitating their ability to present more nuanced insights.
  3. Select the Cards: You should draw a specific number of cards based on the question at hand or the spread you’re executing. Each card you pull will correlate with various aspects of your scenario.
  4. Decipher the Cards: After you have your cards, it’s time for interpretation. At this juncture, a proficient tarot reader’s expertise can be incredibly advantageous. They’re able to elucidate the significance of the cards and how these pertain to your current predicament.
  5. Reflect and Contemplate: Allow some time to contemplate the meanings provided by the tarot cards. Ponder on how their guidance ties in with your breakup.
  6. Decision-Making: The tarot reading will yield insights that assist in making informed decisions about your breakup. This newfound clarity and self-assurance will bolster your confidence to take your next steps.
  7. Strive for Closure: A sense of closure is vitally important post-breakup. Tarot readings aid in the process of achieving closure and accepting that your relationship has ended.
  8. Self-Nourishment and Recovery: Ensuring self-care and initiating the healing process are key following a breakup. Tarot readings can help steer you toward personal development and self-nourishment during this testing phase.

Benefits of Tarot Reading during a Breakup

  1. Emotional Transparency: Tarot readings bestow upon you a deeper connection and understanding of your emotionality, which is invaluable when grappling with the emotional upheaval caused by a breakup.
  2. Guidance for Decision-Making: Breakups usually involve making tough decisions. A tarot reading can offer guidance and assurance, enabling you to make decisions that are most suited to your heartfelt desires.
  3. Empowerment : A tarot reading can empower you to take command of your life’s direction and make choices that truly benefit you. It reinforces the idea that you alone can mold your future.
  4. Healing and Conclusion: Tarot readings play a pivotal role in the healing process, providing closure and fostering acceptance. They clear the path for you to move forward, lighter in spirit and ready for new beginnings.

Common Tarot Card Meanings in Breakup Readings

1. The Hermit

The Hermit card often signals solitude, helping us understand the importance of being alone. In the context of breakups, this card can indicate the need for time away from your partner. It’s about seeking inner wisdom, introspective analysis, and allowing yourself time to heal. The Hermit encourages you to take this time to invest in self-care, personal growth, and understanding the lessons learned from the relationship that has ended.

2. The Devil Card

The Devil card might stir feelings of unease initially, however, it is a powerful signal of liberation. When this card comes up in a breakup reading, it suggests a relationship that might have been enthralling or addictive in some way. It prompts you to confront these negative influences, symbolizing a massive deviation, possibly past the point of return. It’s a call to release yourself from unhealthy attachments and patterns, readying yourself for personal freedom and healing.

3. Reversed Five of Swords

The Five of Swords in reverse could mean a relationship driven by conflict and strife. It indicates that this conflict may not be reconciled and a separation could possibly be the best route forward. The reversed Five of Swords encourages the acceptance of this reality and motivates you to move forward, free from the emotional turmoil associated with contentious relationships.

4. Three of Swords

The Three of Swords signifies heartbreak, sorrow, and grief, which are essentially feelings associated with a breakup. This card serves as a validation for your pain and suffering, encouraging you to express your feelings as part of the healing process. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to grieve and acknowledge your pain as the first step toward healing.

5. Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords may come up in a breakup reading indicating the painful end of a significant period in your life. The card suggests a sense of being stabbed in the back, indicating betrayal or a feeling of intense hurt. While the card might seem ominous, it also depicts sunrise on the horizon, symbolizing the inevitable emergence of a new beginning after the painful ending.

6. Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups often shows up when it’s time to let go. A transition card, advises you to move past a relationship that’s no longer serving you, pressing you to embrace change and seek a more fulfilling future. It emphasizes your bravery in acknowledging what’s not working, the courage to leave behind the familiar, and the readiness to embrace the unknown in the pursuit of happiness.

7. The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is another card that springs forward often in breakup readings. This card symbolizes self-sufficiency, independence, and the power to maintain boundaries. It is an invocation to gather the strength to walk away from a relationship that may not serve you. Symbolic of practical intelligence and mental clarity, the Queen of Swords helps you see reality without illusions, thus guiding you toward making accurate decisions related to your relationship.

8. Tower

The Tower card signifies sudden changes and abrupt endings, closely resonating with the shock and disruption that often accompany breakups. It signifies significant transformation, portraying the necessity of demolishing an unstable structure to lay the foundation for a sturdy and safe future.

Common Tarot Card Meanings in Breakup Readings

Bottom Line

Tarot reading, while not directly influencing your actions, can provide deep insights and clarity while dealing with breakups. It is a source of guidance helping navigate the difficult process of ending relationships and advising on how to heal and grow. Remember, tarot is a means for self-discovery and contemplation and each card drawn is an opportunity to reflect, learn, and find resonance with your personal journey.

However, any form of divination should not replace professional help like counseling or therapy, especially in times of emotional distress. Finding a balance would lead to a healthier outlook towards handling breakups.

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