How to Use Tarot Reading to Test Whether Your Partner is Unfaithful


Suspicion of infidelity can create insecurity and anxiety within a relationship. While open and honest communication is crucial for addressing concerns, some individuals seek additional guidance to gain insight into their partner’s faithfulness. Tarot reading, a divination tool with centuries-old origins, can provide a different perspective. In this article, we explore how tarot reading can be used to assess potential infidelity within a relationship, along with its limitations and the importance of open communication.

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading involves the interpretation of a deck of cards to gain insights into various aspects of life, including relationships. Each card carries symbols and meanings that can be analyzed for guidance and self-reflection. When seeking answers about infidelity, specific tarot spreads can help shed light on the truth, deception, and existing knowledge within a relationship.

The Truth or Deception Spread

The Truth or Deception Spread

One common tarot spread to test for infidelity is the Truth or Deception spread. This spread typically consists of three cards laid out in a row from left to right:

  1. The Truth of Our Relationship: This card reveals insights into the foundational truth within the relationship, providing a deeper understanding of the connection between partners.
  2. The Deception: This card represents any hidden aspects, including potential infidelity. It holds the key to uncovering any deceit or unfaithfulness that may be present.
  3. What I Already Know to be the Truth: This card validates any existing suspicions or awareness of the truth within the relationship. It serves as a confirmation or clarification of what the querent already senses.

Interpreting the Cards

It is important to approach tarot readings with an open mind and to remember that the cards offer guidance rather than definitive answers. Each card has its symbolism and interpretation, which a skilled tarot reader can provide. Different cards may suggest hints of infidelity, such as:

  1. The Magician: This card may indicate cunning and trickery, implying that your partner could be hiding something or reinventing themselves to cover up their actions.
  2. Seven of Swords: The card of deception, represents lies and hidden infidelity. It suggests that your partner has been secretive and attempting to keep their actions hidden from you.
  3. The Tower: While not directly indicating infidelity, the Tower card can signify upheaval and disruption within a relationship. It suggests the need for reflection and understanding of recent events and circumstances.
  4. Knight of Wands: If this card represents your partner, it might suggest a tendency to be unfaithful or easily tempted by others. It’s essential to consider any recent breakdown in communication and traumatic events that may have strained the relationship.

Limitations and Communication

Tarot readings should not be the sole basis for making any decisions or accusations regarding infidelity. They serve as a tool to aid self-reflection and provide guidance. Open and honest communication between partners remains the most crucial aspect of addressing concerns about infidelity. Tarot readings should be seen as a supplement to communication, helping to facilitate discussions and promote understanding.

Limitations and Communication

Bottom Line

Tarot reading can be utilized as a means to explore and gain insights into potential infidelity within a relationship. By using specific tarot spreads and interpreting the cards’ symbolism, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the truth, deception, and existing knowledge within their partnership. However, it is crucial to remember that tarot should not replace open communication between partners. It is through dialogue and trust that a relationship can truly address concerns and move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tarot Reading Confirm If My Partner Is Cheating?

Tarot readings are not a direct means of confirming infidelity. They can provide insights into your emotions and relationship dynamics, but they should not be relied upon as conclusive proof of your partner’s faithfulness. Trust and open communication are essential.

Is Tarot Reading for Relationship Issues Effective?

Tarot readings can be effective for gaining insights and clarity in relationship matters. They often help individuals explore their own emotions and understand the dynamics of their relationships better.

Can Tarot Help Me Deal with My Insecurities About Infidelity?

Tarot can be a useful tool for addressing personal insecurities and doubts related to infidelity. It can guide you to understand the root causes of your concerns and emotions.

Is Tarot Reading a Reliable Method for Trust Issues?

Tarot readings are not foolproof for resolving trust issues. While they can offer valuable insights, building trust in a relationship primarily depends on personal communication, transparency, and shared efforts.

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